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The New Device For Beauty Salons, Gyms and Physiotherapists That Shapes the Silhouette.

The supra is the new reference of the beauty devices market in 2020, it is a real innovation in the beauty field. This machine makes it possible to perform up to 20,000 abdominal contractions or 20,000 squats in 30 minutes without moving. Our device is effortless and non-invasive, it stimulates the largest muscles of the body and refines the silhouette at the same time.


 Develop Your Body and Become Thinner At the Same Time and Effortlessly With Supra

The technology we use allows us to stimulate the motor nerves in order to provoke muscle contractions without any human intervention. This method allows us to generate supra-maximal contractions that are tirelessly repeated for a quick and lasting result. This physical exercise is impossible to perform in real life.


You are a professional, you would like to purchase our 100% hands-free supramaximal slimming device?

The advantages of the slimming and muscular device Supra Sculpting System :

- 2020 novelty for beauty institutes

- Hands-free device

- A result in 4 to 6 sessions

- An efficient complement in a slimming course

- Fast profitability