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Fabricant d'appareils minceur Supra sculpting system


Health and Beauty Devices manufacturer & Distributor ; At your side since 20 years…

We are present on the beauty market as a French manufacturer of slimming, well-being and recovery devices. We were immediately seduced by the possibility of offering our customers a unique method to develop several muscles of their body without any effort and any pain.


We Are Already the Forerunners of A Great Innovation In the Beauty And Sports


Since 2004, we have been manufacturing machines that allow you, for instance, to burn more than 800 calories without moving, to detoxify, to sleep better and to recover after a physical effort... This method is :


Today it is the only machine in the world proven to activate the cardiovascular system faster than 30 minutes of brisk walking.

  Innovation Through Innovative And Unique Technologies For Beauty And Sports Is Part of Our DNA ADN


Our main goal has always been to offer you the best technology, we have always been one step ahead, doing the minimum or doing like others is not like us .


We put all our knowledge and experience to offer you the best machine on the market.

astering high intensity electromagnetic fields is a complex process that we have taken the time to analyze and understand in order to offer you an efficient machine that brings results.


Avec la Supra 'la boucle est bouclée'


Supra is a device that allows to re-muscle while firming up the silhouette.

30 minutes of Supra is the equivalent of 20,000 intense muscle contractions or 20,000 squats.

Supra is designed for athletes who wish to obtain results faster but also for non-athletes who feel the need and desire to feel better in their body with more strength and a more well-balanced silhouette.

Today we have more than 500 clients worldwide and are the market leader in our field. More than just suppliers or equipment sellers, we are a true business partner who is always available to answer your questions and accompany you every day.


appareil supra sculpt