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L'appareil SUPRA SCULPT est le plus efficace du marché



The typical solution:

The typical formula to have abs, a curved buttocks, and a toned body is obviously the gym. But as you know, in order to have satisfying results with this solution, it is necessary to practice at least three physical activity sessions per week of minimum 2 hours.

However, not everyone can spend 6 hours a week at the gym, either because of lack of time or because they don't feel like it.


The second accelerated solution to have a curved buttocks, cast-ironed abs, and a toned body is the SUPRA !


With SUPRA you will be able to do :

up to 20,000 muscle contractions in just 30 minutes

it is also a new option in the beauty field.


The Supra device uses active neuromuscular waves that are non-invasive, non-radiating, and non-ionizing. They are perfectly compatible with the human body.


They will penetrate up to 7 cm through the skin to stimulate the motor nerves which will generate a natural and supra maximal muscular contraction. This intense and very fast physical effort will stimulate the muscles of the treated area and require a high consumption of energy directly drawn from fat.


This is how you will become supra-sculpted in 30 minutes